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Our courses are delivered at convenient locations through the U.K. and abroad as well as on client site - further details are available upon request. 

All of our courses are delivered by certified trainers, who remain actively operational in their discipline, using highly developed and quality content presentations and live demonstrations.


Please get in touch to obtain current dates and availability.

Business continuity management course

Course details

This is a one-day course that gives an introduction to Business Continuity Management (BC). 

Business Continuity forms an essential part of an organisation's tools for maintaining continuity of critical products and services.

In this course, delegates will gain an understanding of the purposeand structure of Business Continuity, recognise the appropriate use of it and learn how to construct robust Business Continuity procedures covering service recovery and disaster management back to Business as Usual. 

Course topics covered include:

Business Continuity Planning Concepts

  • How to define and document a maintenance programme for businesscontinuity purposes. 

Recovery Sites

  • Types of recovery sites.

  • Points to consider when selecting recovery sites.

  • Backups and restoration of services.

Business Continuity Planning

  • What is business continuity?

  • What is a business continuity planning system? 

Business Impact Analysis

  • Understanding your organisation. 

  • Continuity requirements.

  • Mitigation efforts. 

Business Continuity Response Plan

  • Plan content. 

  • Testing requirements. 

  • Business continuity exercising. 

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