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Open-Source Intelligence, or OSINT, can provide organisations with an insight into their digital footprint by utilising the Internet to determine if any part of their organisation or staff are exposed and expedite decision making as part of their risk management process.

On this 1-day NCSC Assured Training Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence course, delegates will gain an understanding of what OSINT is and how to efficiently collect, monitor, analyse and present OSINT findings to stakeholders. Upon completion of the course, delegates will have a solid foundation in the field of OSINT and will have real-world confidence in this discipline with an ability to carry out effective OSINT investigations.

The course will cover the following topics:

Overview of OSINT

Identify definitions, meanings and use of concepts & terms that are used in the OSINT world.

The need for, and the benefits of OSINT.

Intelligence Requirements

What are your organisation’s intelligence requirements?

Where can you start to look for this?

The Intelligence Lifecycle

Develop an understanding of the intelligence lifecycle and the individual components contained within it.

Leverage the intelligence lifecycle to set new requirements

Leveraging the Internet

Gain an understanding of how search engines work.

Obtain an insight into the value of data online.

Analysis of high-profile data breaches.

Using advanced search engine techniques and features to optimise search results.

Imagery Exploitation

Introduction to how geolocation works.

Develop an awareness of some of the more common geolocation services available and how to exploit data from imagery for OSINT purposes.

How to ensure you don’t give away too much information using imagery or geolocation services.

OSINT Tradecraft

Explaining the digital footprint that is left when using the Internet, the dangers associated and how proper tradecraft can protect against counter surveillance.

How to comply with the law, counter OSINT bias and how to look after your mental health.

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Our courses are delivered at convenient locations through the U.K. and abroad. We also offer this course as an internal workshop to organisations and offer tailored solutions to meet your particular requirements. Please get in touch for further details.

More information on the NCSC Assured Training scheme can be found at the link below.

How to attend

What our clients say

“Great course, number of students just right, course length was spot on. Trainer was passionate and enthusiastic, which encouraged the students to get involved too. I am definitely going to do more courses and training with Seiber.”

Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence Course Attendee, UK Defence Company

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